Odd Green Cleaning!

Odd cleaning products that are better than those harmful fuming smelly products that have warning labels a mile long. I've tested these myself to see if they really work.

Coca-Cola: Yes! That can of coke is quite the cleaning agent. Scary when you think about the fact that we drink it, but it has almost an endless list of abilities.
  • Cleans corroded car batteries. It just bubbles the crud right up and washes away.
  • Can polish chrome.
  • No more icky pee on Jelly fish stings, just pour on the coke! (Nothing like living beside the beach)
  • We all know to clean a burnt on pan we boil it with water, but never thought of coke did you? If water doesn't get those hard to clean pans, try coke!
  • For the DIYs coke makes a great crafting liquid for making papers and photos seem antique. Just make sure you have a couple of extra prints in case you mess up.
  • Cleaning tile grout, I've read about this and tried it myself. Indeed it does clean the grout, about as well as straight bleach. It didn't get my grout white like I've read, but it did the job without burning out my lungs.
  • Oil stains on your drive way. Pour some coke, let it soak, and hose it down.
  • Need to clean up blood from grout or concrete, yup! you got it, coke.
Dryer Sheets: Yes! Those pleasant smelling little square items have more than one use.
  • Excellent spray/oil free dust rags for TVs and glass.
  • Nice little scrub rag that removes soap scum from your sinks and tubs.
Tooth Paste: The white chalky kind works the best
  • Little one decided to make your wall their art canvas? Try tooth paste. Cleans up permanent markers, crown, and other markings. So easy when my son was four and turned my hall way into an art gallery I made him clean it all with tooth paste. Took him two days, but he never drew on anything that wasn't paper again. 
  • Cleaning Tennis or Running shoes.
  • Your man scruff up his good leather shoes at work? No worries put a little bit of toothpaste on the scruff and polish away.
  • Baby bottles getting a sour milk smell? Instead of the bleach soak, try toothpaste and a bottle brush. Just remember to rinse it out really well.
  • Chrome and Stainless steel. Got water spots on your stainless steel? Chrome starting to tarnish? A little bit of toothpaste will have that shined right up.
  • Nail cleaner! Your fingernails and toenails are made up of the similar compounds as teeth. For shiny healthier nails, try toothpaste.
  • (My favorite use) Jewelry cleaner. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub lightly with a dab of toothpaste, rinse it, and polish it dry with a soft towel. You’ll discover a whole new shine to your precious accessories. If it's really dirty, just let the toothpaste sit on it while you sleep and clean in the morning.
  • Got a zit in a pinch? Never fear: your toothpaste will do in a pinch to reduce the redness and dry out your greasy disaster. Just put in on, go to bed, and wash it off in the morning.
  • Got nail holes in your wall and no spackle? That's okay, toothpaste is perfect to paint over!

Getting the Most of your Toothpaste Tube:

Before you dismiss that tube as being empty, soak it in warm water for a few minutes. Use something flat like a knife handle or toothbrush handle to push the remaining warm toothpaste out of the tube. Or need it instantly just take a pair of scissors and cut it in half. I do this for lotion bottles too!

Lemon Juice: I used whole lemons for all of this, not the juice that comes in a bottle.
  • Use a half lemon and salt to clean even the most heavily discolored brass (real brass, not brass plated). 
  • Diluted lemon juice not only cleans stains from cutting boards, but helps kill germs as well. Leave on over night for those annoying stuck on stains.
  • Clean your microwave and remove odors. Place a cup 3/4 full of water with a couple tablespoons of lemon juice in the microwave. Heat to boiling. Don’t open the door for another 10 minutes. Then just wipe away food particles with a clean cloth and dry.
  • (My favorite trick with the lemon) Don't spend extra $$$ on "degrease" dish soap or "antibacterial" just add a little bit of lemon juice to your bottle of dish soap to boost it's degrease powers and antibacterial properties.
  • Apparently you can sanitize earrings. I don't recommend this personally, but my ears are very sensitive. It hurt.
  • And of course we have to put in the "hand cleaner" that all seafood restaurants know about. Smelly food on your hands, rub lemon juice on them. Cuts beware. Any nicks or cuts will sting like crazy.

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